Bits and pieces relating to Poland of the period.

The Campaigns

Some Polish orders of battle

Some information on the various campaigns:

The Battle of Warsaw August 1920

The Konarmia in the Ukraine July to September 1920.

Poland's 1919 campaigns

The Battle of Czesniki/Komarow.

Smaller actions and discussions on tactics.

Polish Landscape

My big day out at Komarów

A trip to the site of the famous battlefield, with lots of pictures.

The Polish countryside

Other photos of the landscape in the area the 1920 Russo-Polish War was fought.

Polish Buildings of the 1920 period

Photos and notes of buildings in the area the 1920 Russo-Polish War was fought.

Terrain for the 1920 war

Just some thoughts about what I saw and how I might recreate it on a table.

Where we went and what we saw

Between 6 and 22 August 2006 we – Alison, the kids and me – visited Prague, eastern Poland and Berlin. This is the full version, but with all the wargaming and military history bits mostly left out.

Warsaw Army Museum

1914-1918 Uniforms
1919-1920 Uniforms
1919-1920 Flags
1919-1920 Weapons

The Polish National Army Museum is a must-visit site for any fan of military history. I could have spent a whole day there, but sadly my family is not as obsessed about the Russian Civil War as I am.

These are photos I took, with notes, of Pygmy Wars relevant stuff. These are all picture heavy and quite large pages.

Krakow National Museum

1914-1920 Uniforms
Inter-war Flags

Photos I took, with notes, of stuff in the Krakow National Museum. Not a patch on the Warsaw Army Museum for military stuff, but nice in other regards.

Books on Uniforms

The Polish Army of the 1919-1920 period had an official uniform, but it was not much worn. Instead troops tended to wear uniforms derived from WWI uniforms – German, Austrian, Russian, French, English. This makes finding out information about them very hard. My suggestion is find a particular unit and paint that up, because you can't hope to have any generic Poles.

Osprey have Armies of the Russo-Polish War 1919-1920. Sadly large amounts of it are devoted to the Red Army, and bits are even lost to discussion on their Ukrainian allies without being enough to be actually useful.

There are photos and useful information in their Campaign series Warsaw 1920 as well, though no colour plates.

AST's book on the Intervention Forces has a couple of plates of Poles.