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July 2022

Added a section on the North-Western Theatre.

April 2022

Mamontov's memoirs, which are my favourite memoirs of the war. Quite long and very detailed.

Some Polish material in the Eyewitnesses Section, being a report on the nature of the fighting by Captain Broviewski, and some short episodes from men who served in cavalry units.

January 2022

I finally finished a decades-old wish-list: stuff I never thought I would get round to.

I obtained a copy of the 4th Volume of Directives of the Red Army, and have put up a number of orbats from that giving numbers for Soviet land and naval forces.

I have translated significant sections of Grondij's epic book, relating to his time in Siberia.

There is a section about the campaigns in the Crimea in 1919.

Most of what I added though is about the Polish-Russian campaigns of 1920. There are a bunch of new orders of battle for the Poles, there's some technical information which might appeal to those interested in details like how artillery was placed etc, there's some maps of the Battle of Warsaw, and I translated the first two sections of Sikorski's book, On the Vistula and Wkra, which gives a nice discussion of the fighting north of Warsaw in 1920.

I also updated some of the outdated material, like information on rules that people use and books.

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