Most Recent Changes

July 2021

I added an entire section on the Red Army, aimed at wargamers.

I restructured most of the site as a result. Adding the Red Army section was spread across too many different areas in the old format.

I also broke down some of the larger pages, such as orbats, which were getting too long. There are some new Soviet ones too.

I put up the original version of Red Actions! now that The Perfect Captain is out of operation.

April 2021

I added a fair bit of content in the History section.

Early 1918, Makhno, the Drujina thesis on the NorthWest Army, the Defence of Orenburg, some histories of the Semirech'ye.

Also orbats from Kakurin and Melikov, giving the forces in 1920 on the Polish fronts, and some photos of Don Tachankas.

Previous updates

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