NorthWestern Theatre

Material on the campaigns between the Estonian border and Petrograd in 1919.

This theatre is oddly lacking in material in English and French for such important, and famous, campaigns.

That's a shame because it is very gameable. Because of the closed terrain and lack of cavalry, it particularly suits gamers who don't have access to large tables or big forces. It is also rare in that tanks were used, but not for assaulting fortified positions.


An overall history of the army. Despite its title it doesn't go much into military detail.

The history of the North-West Army of General Yudenich by Geb Drujina's (pdf).

A quick overview of the fighting May to August 1919. This was the first major campaign.

The North-West Corps Spring Offensive (pdf)

A look at Yudenich's October campaign, from the Soviet point of view. Written by the General Staff before Stalin made objective history impossible.

The Valiant Defence of Petrograd (pdf).

Then the October campaign, from the White point of view, written by a serving general of the time. Included largely because it is full of potentially gameable scenarios.

The October Offensive on Petrograd (pdf)

A quick look at the history of the armour in the NWA.

Armour in the North-Western Army 1919 (pdf)


The RCW Section of Nikolai Vreden's memoirs. He served in the NWA first with an armoured train, then with the tanks.

Unmaking of a Russian: (pdf)


Material on the uniforms for the Whites during the two main offensives, largely taken from Deryabin.

Uniforms of the NWA

The equivalent information for the Reds can be found it the section on the Red Army, which included sailors, Latvians, kursants, Cheka and worker units alongside regular Red Army.

Orders of Battle

North-Western Corps (pdf) early 1919

North-Western Army (pdf) 21 October 1919

Soviet 7th Army (pdf) 11 October 1919, at the Start of Yudenich's Offensive

Soviet 7th and 15th Armies (pdf) second half of the October 1919, in the critical period


Period maps

This site has a bunch of maps that date from slightly before and slightly after the period for the crucial area around Petrograd of the most sustained fighting. As the area has changed much more than most of the RCW (destruction in WWII, industrialisation, airport) that is very helpful. Some are in Latin alphabet, which makes finding places quicker. Many of them are extremely large files, and require proper drawing programs to edit. The four I have used are:

1909 topographic map 54 MB in Russian

1915 map 27 MB in Russian (but I had a lot of trouble getting it to open)

1924 map 17 MB in Finnish

1925 map 1 MB, black and white in Estonian

I have copied some maps for the North Western Front in 1919 from the Soviet Encyclopedia of Intervention and Civil War. Some of the geography is odd, with a lot of lakes missing, but it does show the general positions of the fronts reasonably well.