The White Armies

This section groups material on the White armies that aren't Cossack or associated with an independent national state.

It is quite small, because this is the part of the RCW that is generally easiest for people to research elsewhere.


Some information about the uniforms of the White armies.


Adding colour to your White Armies without having only elite units.

Sources on White uniforms

Uniforms in the North-Western Army

Various units that were non-Cossack but that served alongside Cossack armies have been covered in their section:

The Markov Horse, formed from Cossacks but part of the Volunteer Army.

The Ataman Annenkov Partisan Division in the Semirechye.

The Finlankski Regiment fought in the Don Army.

Other regular units in the Don army.


Some information on flags as used by the main White armies.

Imperial practice

White Army flags

Other Parts of the Site

The organisation of the standard White divisions is in the Tables of Organisation page.

Some orders of battle are given.

The History section has information on:


The Semirechensk

The early Volunteer Army and the Ekaterinoslav March

The NorthWestern Theatre