The RCW in 1918

A brief discussion of the armies of the early war.

Below are some articles on various battles and campaigns, typical of the period.

The Railway War

The chapter from the book "Railway Troops of Russia" relating to the railway war period of early 1918.

The Yekaterinoslav March

In late 1918 a small group of officers in Yekaterinoslav set out to link up with other White armies in the south through hostile Ukranian territory.

Gureev's account.

Labinsky's account.

Sakovich's account.

My notes on place names and translation issues.

Volkonsky on the early Volunteer Army

A very one sided account of the early VA, but it does discuss their very low numbers, and the extreme shortages of ammunition they faced.

Attack on Verkhotur'ye

An early campaign in northern Siberia.

Vladikavkaz Operation

Throughout the early period the Whites were unable to hold any of the major cities. This is their attempt to take Vladikavkaz.

First Attack on Uralsk

A small campaign with pre-Red Army Soviet forces fighting poorly organised Ural Cossacks.

Attack on Armoured Cars

In the early war the lack of artillery meant that any armoured cars were hugely powerful. The results could be quite peculiar.