Original Red Actions!

This is the Perfect Captain's final version of the Red Actions! rules after game testing. All files are given as pdfs.

Rules and Quick Reference Sheet. There is also a supplement which explains the changes from the original rules (mostly tweaks).

Below are the various bits and pieces you need to play.

Officer chits #1 and Officer chits #2

Morale Markers

These are the organisation cards, which effectively take the place of army lists.

Whites and Reds : AFSR and Reds   Other Whites and Minor Reds

Nationalists : Freikorps and Poles   Other Nationalists

Interventionists : Odessa and Far North   Far East and Central Asia

Assets : Upgrades, fortifications, boats etc

Unit cards, with the morale and weapons values for the troop types.

Reds : Reds #1   Reds #2   Reds #3 with Makhnovists

Whites : Whites #1   Whites #2

Nationalists : Nationalists #1   Nationalists #2

Interventionists : Int #1   Int #2   Int #3

Vehicles, artillery etc : Weapons #1   Weapons #2

Beyond the River Don

This was the campaign system for the Red Actions! Rules.

It can be downloaded here. It is a 5 MB zip file.