Army Lists

Designed for Red Actions!, but with scope for other rules.

I don't mind the usual run of army lists and the points systems that go with them, as such. However, I dislike the way that they generally permit "power gaming" (whereby players attempt to extract the most powerful army for any set points value regardless of how historical it might be) and basically encourage games to always be at equal points. So I wrote some army lists for the Pygmy Wars which address these concerns.

I have tried to make them as generic as possible, so that they can be easily converted to any rule set. The points system is that of Red Actions!, slightly amended, and they assume the use of my extended (but unofficial) card set (see here).

They are easily adjusted to any other system that uses the company as the basic unit.


Pygmy Wars Army Lists, single sided

Pygmy Wars Army Lists, double sided

Cover for the Army Lists

The double-sided version is basically the same as the single-sided, except that an allowance is made for the space of the binding on opposite pages. Just put page 2 on the back of page 1, page 4 on the back of page 3 etc. I do this by using the print every odd page function and then putting the paper back in the printer upside down and printing every even page – generally harder to do than it sounds, I know.

How the lists work

I kept in mind two basic principles: 1) regular armies had a well-defined structure, and 2) that a commander did not have free choice about which troops he might have available to fill a particular part of his line.

For the main regular armies units are selected in "chunks" – generally regiments or brigades – with some limited scope for the player to pick what he or she gets. However, many of the real 1918-1919 armies, especially the more minor ones, were not organised in any real manner – for those you get the excitement of a totally random selection of units.

Although there is nothing preventing a person just picking each of the options rather than rolling dice, it spoils the fun.

Corrections and extra lists

I am very happy to have feedback on any aspects of the lists that bother people: either in layout or accuracy.

I may add a few more lists over time, but for the most part omissions are due to my lack of interest or knowledge in a particular area (Interventionists particularly) or because I don't like writing lists for armies that did not fight as large units (Hetman Ukraine, US in Siberia).

If anyone wants to supply me with lists in the same style for the Northern Intervention or the Finnish Civil War, I would be most grateful.