Soviet Forces on the Eastern Front

The original is from the Central State Archives of the Soviet Army of the USSR (TsGASA) via "The history of the Civil War in the USSR. 1918-1922: Documents and Materials" found at Electronic Library of Historical Documents.

Soviet Ukrainian Forces 24 December 1918

This was the Soviet forces that invaded the Ukraine as the Germans and Austro-Hungarians withdrew.

  Bayonets Sabres MGs Guns    Notes
1st Brigade, 1st Soviet Ukr. ID 3 100 410 76 11    HQ in Starodub
2nd Soviet Ukr. ID 5 100 510 39 9    HQ in Belgorod
Communication Battalion, 2nd Soviet Ukr. ID          180 specialists, 40 workers    In L'gov
1st Soviet Ukr. Reserve Infantry Brigade 1 800 130 22    HQ in Glukhov
2nd Soviet Ukr. Reserve Infantry Brigade          6 000 men in training, no weapons    HQ in Sudzha
Border Guard Regiments 3 835 200
Special Formations 250 100 2
Total 14 085 1 350 139 20    + 6 220 training

It was, even by the standards of the civil war, a time of extreme change, as these units were pressed together from a range of origins. The men listed changed daily – and according to the needs of the person counting, to emphasize strength or to beg for more support.

The Chervonno Horse Regiment (later Brigade) was part of the 1st Ukr. Division.

Some of the cavalry did not have horses at this point, and the MGs and guns were short on ammunition. This was soon rectified as the cities fell.