Soviet Forces on the Eastern Front

The original is from Central State Archives of the Red Army (TsGAKA, f. 106, op. 3, d. 45, ll. 404-405).

I think it has been excerpted.

Eastern Front 1 July 1918

I army

…2nd Inza group:

1   Latvian regiment
2   Cheka Detachment Chernov
3   Improvised Train
4   Smolensk Howitzer Battery
5   Moscow Light Battery
6   Moscow Heavy Battery
7   Syzran Horse Detachment Popov
8   Internationalist Detachment (71 men, 2 MGs)

III army

…Western-Urals region:

1   Alapaevsk Communist Militia
2   Detachment of comrade Chesalin
3   Estonian battalion
4   1st Beloretsk Detachment of comrade Sergeev
5   Detachment of comrade Bobylev
6   Tobolsk Detachment
7   Sarapul Detachment
8   Composite Detachment of comrade Valyaev
9   Zlatoust Railway Detachment
10  Detachment of comrade Bakhtin
11  Composite Detachment of internationalists (412 bayonets)
12  1st Soviet Rzhevski Detachment, comrade Krivoschakova

Omsk Region

1   Company of Perm Internationalists
2   Glazovsky Detachment of comrade Vinogradov
3   Turinskii Detachment of the Red Army
4   Perm Detachment of comrade Kablukov
5   Verkhoturye Detachment
6   Detachment of the Nadezhda Plant
7   Petrograd Grain Detachment
8   Kotelnicheski detachment - company of the 4th Yekaterinburg Infantry Regiment
9   Detachment of the Nadezhda Plant of comrade Zaslavski
10  Light Battery of comrade Lehman
11  Perm Armoured train
12  Orenburg Aviation Militiaron

…Perm Group

1   7th Urals Rifle Regiment, comrade Ufimtsev
2   1st Composite Reserve Battalion, comrade Lachkan-Lachi
3   Escort Team
4   Petrograd Food Detachment, comrade Shishkin
5   Eshalon of RVS member Trifonov
6   Machine-gun School, comrade Chechkin
7   Party Militia of Urban Workers, comrade Ryzhkov
8   Party Militia of the Motovilikha Plant
9   Kushvin Detachment of Internationalists
10  Perm Light Battery, comrade Volutenich
11  Horse detachment, comrade Konstantinov

Quartermaster General of Staff
Revolutionary Military Council
Head of the Operations Department