Soviet Forces of XIII Army late 1918

The original is from Central State Archives of the Red Army (TsGAKA)and can be found at the Electronic Library of Historical Documents in the three volumes on documents from the civil war period.

This is shortly before the 11th Army launched a disastrous offensive against Denikin's forces in the Armavir-Tikhoretsk area.

Soviet 11th Army on 20 November 1918

  Commander Bayonets Sabres MGs Guns Men
RMS: comrades Poluyan, Fedko and Odaryuk
Sharia Column Mironenko 10 483 1 814 160 10 14 188
Taman Army Kovtyukh 8 730 602 87 14 10 828
Stavropol Front   22 728 3 830 26 6 30 293
10th Column Zonenko 13 888 1 654 121 62 19 029
1st Column Bogdanov 12 448 2 491 133 20 16 274
9th Column Pronnikov 4 962 1 656 45 31 6 934
Svyato-Krestovsk Front Shchepanov 7 748 1 127 110 31 9 326
Armavir Front Gudkov 10 225 1 202 144 50 15 004
Armored trains (7)   1 128 29 81 23 1 237
Engineering units   588 6 612
Guard, control and other companies and columns 662 33 6 702
Armoured Cars (2)  
Total for 11th Army   93 590 13 836 919 247 124 427

This Army had been demoralised by the odd behaviour of Ivan Sorokin, who had taken over its command. He had had several commanders shot and started to act as if it was his personal army, until his opponents organised and had him outlawed. (He was killed in early November.) Not being yet regular Red Army, units were in a constant state of organisational turmoil and had no fixed organisation.

Most sources give Fedko as the commander of 11th Army at this time, soon to be replaced by Vladimir Kruse. The RMS was led by Ordzhonikidze.

The Sharia Column was formed from Caucasus mountaineers and Cossacks, many of whom were Moslem. It is said to have been made up of the:

Most sources have M.V. Smirnov commanding the Taman Army by November. About this time it was organised into the 1st Taman Division (1st to 4th Taman Infantry Regiments and 1st Taman Cavalry Regiment), 2nd Taman Division (5th to 8th Tamansk Infantry Regiments and 2nd Tamanski Cavalry Regiment) and the 3rd Taman Revolutionary Cavalry Regiment and a brigade of artillery. In December the infantry merged to become the 3rd Taman Rifle Division. Despite its reputation, thanks partly to Serafimovich's portrayal of it in "The Iron Flood", it did not perform well in the up-coming battles.

Svyato-Krestovsk is a town in central Stavropol Oblast, which the Soviets changed to Budennovsk. It means Holy Father.

Soon after, with the start of the Red Army proper being formed, the 11th Army was organised into four rifle and two cavalry divisions, one reserve and two cavalry brigades.