Red Army International Units on 21 September 1920

The original is from Central State Archives of the Red Army (TsGAKA)and can be found at the Electronic Library of Historical Documents in the volume "The Military Commonwealth: Workers of Foreign Countries with the Peoples of Soviet Russia (1917-1922)".

List of international units operating on the fronts of the civil war in 1920

21 September 1920

Kazan men      
International Rifle Regiment 842
Separate International Cavalry Divizion 278
International Platoon 53


Turkestan Front commanders soldiers  
Staff of the International Brigade 23 178
1st International Regiment 63 1210
2nd International Regiment 48 731
International Battery 15 332
A note says these units had left TurkFront in June, apparently for Kazan.


International units at the disposal of VOKhR
  commanders soldiers  
244th International Battalion   unknown      Moscow
11th battalion of the VOKhR 55 255      Kazan Urals Military District
Brigade of the III International   unknown      Krasnoyarsk, East Siberia
37th brigade   126      West Siberian sector
47th brigade   338      West Siberian sector
48th brigade   78      West Siberian sector
74th brigade   2      West Siberian sector
22nd Rifle Battalion of the VOKhR 6 166      Samara
Int. platoon of the 23rd VOKhR Brigade 5 57      Orenburg

The Brigade of the III International had 3 rifle battalions, a separate cavalry divizion, a sapper company and a communications company.

The 371st International Battalion, with 296 men, joined the 61st Regiment of the 21st Brigade on August 15, 1920

In June the 244th International VOKhR Battalion sent greeting to the Congress of the III International from its "Hungarian, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and other nationalities".


Other Units  commanders soldiers  
Efremov International Company 1 129      Tula, Moscow District
10th Separate Rifle Battalion 1 693      Vladimir, Moscow District


Other  men  
At Cheka disposal 64      Archangel, Belomorsk District
At Cheka disposal 8      Smolensk, Western District
On forced labour 23      Kholmogorsk