Semirechye 1920

This orbat is from Ganin's book, with additions based on other information.

Ataman Annenkov was overall military commander. In order to reduce friction he divided his forces into three distinct groups, representing the Orenburg refugees, his own division and the Semirechensk Cossack groups respectively.

"Ataman Dutov" Orenburg Detachment

Northern Sector – Sergiopol (Ayagoz) to Bakhty (Chinese border), centred on Urdzhar – Major-General Bakich

1st Orenburg Cossack Division

33rd Orenburg Cossack Regiment
Ataman Regiment of 2nd Orenburg Military District

1st Orenburg Cossack Regiment
4th Orenburg Cossack Regiment

2nd Orenburg Cossack Division

Orenburg Cossack "Ataman Dutov" Regiment
14th Orenburg Cossack Regiment

15th Orenburg Cossack Regiment
16th Orenburg Cossack Regiment

2nd Orenburg Engineer Sotnia
Orenburg Horse Artillery Divizion

Separate Syzran Jäger Brigade

1st Syzran Jäger Regiment
2nd Syzran Jäger Regiment

Horse-Jäger Regiment
Kirghiz Horse Divizion of the Green Banner

Syzran Jäger Artillery Divizion
Artillery Battery

Other Units

Commander's Escort Detachment
Automobile Detachment
Radio Station
Miscellaneous Hospital units

Ataman Dutov himself was in the area of the Southern Group. It's not clear if his large escort came from the above list or was separate.

Total in force – up to 15 000 men, with 7,000 bayonets, 2,000 sabres, 200 machine guns and 5 guns.

Ataman Annenkov Partisan Division

Central Sector – Sergiopol (Ayagoz) to Kapal, centred on Uch-Aral (Usharal) – Major General Annenkov

Escort of the Ataman (presumably the Black Hussar Regiment)

Rifle Brigagde

1st Partisan Infantry Regiment
2nd Partisan Infantry Regiment

Cossack Brigade

Ataman Regiment
1st Orenburg Cossack Regiment

Cavalry Brigade

Cuirassier Regiment
Dragoon Regiment

Manchurian Cavalry Brigade

Manchurian Horse-Jäger Regiment
Kirghiz-Kalmyk Regiment

Other Units

Horse-Engineer Regiment
Reserve Regiment
Artillery Divizion – 2 Cossack Batteries
Horse Artillery Divizion – 2 Horse Batteries
(Semirechensk Gendarme Divizion)

There were isolated Kirghiz Regiments as well.

Semirechensk Cossack Host

Southern Sector – Kapal to Lepsinsk, centred on Sarkand – Major-General Shcherbakov, Ataman of the Semirechensk Host

Semirechensk Cossack Brigade

Partisan Regiment
Priiliy Regiment
Alatau Regiment

Cossack Battery

5th Siberian Division

17th Semipalatinsk Regiment
19th Petropavlovsk Regiment

Jäger Battalion
Engineer Divizion

Other Units

Armoured Car ?
Semirechensk Rifle Regiment
Self-Defence Units
Artillery (at least 3 batteries)

Native Units

Kirghiz Regiment
Taranchi Horse Divizion

map of 1920 Semirechye