Forces in Semirechye Summer 1919

This assembled largely from Volkov.

Independent Semirechensk Army

Gen. Annenkov Partisan Division

Rifle Brigade

1st Rifle Regiment
2nd Rifle Regiment
3rd Composite Partisan Regiment
Manchurian J├Ąger Battalion

Cavalry Brigade

Black Hussar Regiment
Barnaul Blue Lancer Regiment

Cossack Brigade

1st Orenburg Regiment
1st Partisan Regiment
2nd Ust-Kamenogorsk, Regiment
1st Kirghiz Horse Partisan Regiment

Artillery Divizion

Forces under Ataman Ionov

5th Siberian Division (part)

17th Semipalatinsk Infantry Regiment
19th Petropavlovsk Infantry Regiment

Steppe Rifle Brigade

Sergiopol Infantry Regiment
2nd Zaysan Infantry Regiment

Independent Semirechie Cossack Brigade

1st Semirechensk Cossack Regiment
2nd Semirechensk Cossack Regiment
3rd Semirechensk Cossack Regiment

Independent Kirgiz Cavalry Brigade


In all: 3,400 rifles, 3,800 cavalry, ?? MGs, 6 guns

Formally part of 2nd Steppe Siberian Army Corps, which other than the rest of 5th Division was largely cadre units.

Red Semirechensk Front

From the Soviet Encyclopedia of Civil War and Intervention in the USSR.

1st Pishpek Rifle Regiment
4th Pishpek Rifle Regiment
4th Semirechensk Rifle Regiment
1st Verny Peasants Regiment

5th Cavalry Regiment
6th Cavalry Regiment
7th Cavalry Regiment

Tokmok Detachment

Artillery divizion

In all: 2,000 rifles, 2,000 cav., 12 MGs, 9 guns.

Pishpek is modern Bishkek and Verny is modern Almaty. All the towns in these names are to the west of Semirechye, and they were concentrated around Verniy at this time. The Semirechensk Whites were also faced various partisan units in their rear.