Maps of the Pygmy Wars

Campaign maps

With the kind assistance of Martin James, I have an English version map of the Orel campaign, originally taken from the Soviet era "Encyclopedia of Civil War and Intervention in the USSR":

Orel campaign map

Here are a couple of the Tsaritsyn to Astrakhan stretch of the Volga for late 1919, the first again from the "Encyclopedia of Civil War and Intervention in the USSR" and the second from "Combats of the XI Army from the Northern Caucasus to the Lower Volga: 1918 - 1920" by V. T. Sukhorukov..

Lower Volga campaign map

Soviet XI Army mid-1919 map

Here are a couple of maps showing the positions in the Baltic when the Soviets were being driven back in Latvia and by the Estonian and White armies. (These come from the section on the Latvians and Estonians against the Freikorps.)

Baltic on 21 May

Baltic on 5 June

I have copied and translated some maps from the history of the Civil War by Kakurin and Vatsetis. I'm not convinced the scale is 100% accurate, and the maps include places that must be there only because they are referred to in the text, but they still are quite useful.

The Siberian front in February 1919, just before the White's last successful operation.

The Siberian front in mid April 1919, as the Ufa operation was drawing to a close.

The retreat of Kolchak's forces after August 1919

Topographical maps

I downloaded a whole host of the 1960s Soviet 1:100,000 topographical maps of the Ukraine, southern Cossack areas and Caucasus in jpg which were on-line at the University of Berkeley, but were then pulled – which is a shame, as they covered most of the area of operations of the AFSR and much of the Polish campaigns too. The area of coverage is still available, just not the maps:

Since then fortunately I have found a site which covers much of Russia and the Baltic in 1:100,000.

Russian Topographic Maps

The Soviet series is – not surprisingly – in Cyrillic, which can be a little tiring in general and quite odd when dealing with the Baltic, when it's been taken out of Latin only for us to want it back in Latin again. Fortunately there is an English translation of the key made by the US military: TM30-548 Beware that it is a 50 MB file! and can be a bit hard to find.

The Austro-Hungarians produced a 1:200,000 series just before WWI. This means one can place the correct roads, villages, forests etc on top of modern topographic maps:

3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary

The key to this series is here.

For Poland as it was in 1920, which means much of the Ukraine and Belarus is covered as well, there is this inter-war series:

Series covering inter-war Poland in 1:100,000