Campaigns and Horses

These are the memoirs of Sergei Mamontov's time fighting with the horse artillery in south Russia with the Volunteer Army. It was also published in French as "Carnets de route d'un artilleur à cheval 1917-1920. Mes chevaux dans la poussière et dans la boue".

This is unusual is being such a detailed look at the war from the level of a serving soldier, yet one who was literate and kept a diary.

It is quite a long book (240 pages in A4), so I have broken it down into different periods in his career. In the VA period his unit worked initially with Cossack cavalry, then with the regular cavalry. Finally the period in the Crimea is enlivened by taking part in the raid on the Kuban.

Before joining the Whites

1 - Military School, 2 - The Great War, 3 - Moscow

The Volunteer Army

4 - The North Caucasus, 5 - Against Makhno in the Ukraine

With the Terek Division

6 - The Donbas, 7 - Mariupol and Feodosia, 8 - The Big Offensive, 9 - Raid into the Red Rear

With the Regular Cavalry

10 - With the Regular Cavalry, 11 - The Middle of Russia, 12 - Sumy


13 - The Retreat, 14 - On the Don,15 - Across the Kuban

Crimea and Taurida

16 - The Crimea, 17 - Landing in the Kuban, 18 - The Taurida