Makhno and the Battle of Peregenovka

Nestor Makhno remains a hero to some, even today. Sadly, that means a lot of what is written about him is more by way of propaganda than reality.

Darch Thesis and Book

This is the only substantial dispassionate example I have read about Makhno's life. Made all the better, for me, by not leaving out all the military details. While his politics and mine are different, he has at least approached the subject from all sides.

The Makhnovshchina, 1917-1921 : ideology, nationalism and peasant insurgency in early twentieth century Ukraine

He also has a book out, presumably based on the thesis work.

Nestor Makhno and Rural Anarchism in Ukraine, 1917-1921

The Simferopol Officer Regiment

I have excerpted a section of the book by V.V. Almendinger on the Simferopol Officer Regiment. They were a core unit at Peregenovka, and he relates the debacle in detail.

The Simferopol Officer Regiment's Battles in the Ukraine


I have not linked the histories of Voline, Arshinov or Skirda. Much relied upon by Anarchists who prefer a good story to history, they are full of obvious holes in the military area. Copies of their works aren't hard to find on-line. Last I looked the Wikipedia pages relied on them too.