La Guerre en Russie et en Siberie

This is a massive book, recording Grondij's trips to Russia in the RCW. Grondijs was very fond of getting as close to the front lines as possible, so this book contains a lot of eye-witness accounts of the fighting.

Grondijs spent WWI as a correspondent, a lot of the time actually in the fighting. Being a Dutch national he was able to move much more easily as a neutral by passport (although anything but neutral in his views).

After reporting on the German invasion of Belgium, in 1915 he went to Russia and followed the Russian 8th Army. The first part of this book is an account of his time there.

The second part of this book details the period immediately after the February Revolution. Leaving the 8th Army, he spent some time with the "Savage Division" in Galicia, then with the Volunteer Army and the Don Cossacks. After leaving them, he went inside the Bolshevik controlled area, including Moscow.

The third part of the book starts after he had left the Bolsheviks, returned West, then travelled across to Siberia to see Kolchak's army. The last part of the books details his time with the Japanese and Semenov.

Being such a large book, I have only translated the sections of interest to me, and likely other wargamers.

Translation Notes

Third Part: in Siberia

I. In Harbin

II. Victories of the Siberian Army

III. A Strategic Retreat

IV. The Retreat Continues

V. The Peasant Risings

VI. A Bolshevik Conspiracy   (Underground activities in White areas)

VII. With the Japanese Troops in Siberia

VIII. The French Military Mission in Siberia

IX. Ataman Semenov

X. The Japanese Intervention in Siberia

XI. Admiral Kolchak   (with some analysis of the reasons for his failure)

XII. Kolchak's Death   (the final winter retreat from Omsk)

For those that want it in the original, I have a copy provided by "Vladimir Freya", to whom I am grateful.

Version française