Cavalry in the Pygmy Wars

Underneath are articles about how cavalry operated in the Russian Civil War and Polish-Soviet War by men who both understood cavalry and witnessed the fighting at first hand.

"Operations of the Polish 1st Cavalry Division in 1920"

The following comes from "Opérations de la 1re division de cavalerie polonaise contre les bolcheviks du 29 juillet au 18 octobre 1920" by Capitaine Moslard, which was published in two parts in the Revue de Cavalerie, starting from March/April 1928.

The first section relates to general comments about the Polish and Soviet cavalry during the campaign. The second is accounts of a few actions, including the famous Battle of Komarów/Cześniki and the raid on Korosten. The maps are only required for the second section.

Moslard Article Part 1
Moslard Article Part 2
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"Cavalry in the Russian Civil War"

The following again comes from an article by Capitaine Moslard in the Revue de Cavalerie, Jan/Feb 1930. The presented portion is from a transcript of a presentation given in 1921 by General Shinkarenko to officers in Poland. I have omitted Capitaine Moslard's comments originally attached to it (since they relate only to French inter-war cavalry theory, not the RCW).

Shinkarenko had a lot of experience commanding cavalry in the Volunteer Army and was therefore in a position to speak with authority, but his comments really only relate to the Denikin/Wrangel theatre of the war against the Bolsheviks.

Shinkarenko Article
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"Study of the red cavalry"

Excerpts from an anonymous article "Étude sur la Cavalerie Bochevique" which appeared in the Revue de Cavalerie Jul/Aug 1921.

Study of the Red cavalry

"The Polish-Bolshevik Cavalry Campaigns of 1920"

An article which appeared in the US Cavalry Journal in 1921.

Farman Article