Pygmy Wars Red Actions!

This is my version of the Red Actions! rules.

Rules (pdf) and Quick Reference Sheet (pdf)

Differences from the originals

The bulk of the changes reflect the larger size of games I often play, and especially the larger size of table. The effect on artillery of a large table was particularly dramatic.

This version isn't particularly suited to quick small games, being far too fussy about chains of command and keeping track of details of ammunition and moves routed.


In a normal game a unit which routs for a couple of moves is probably so far from the action that it does not matter that it recovers immediately to 100%, but in longer games this is not so true.

Allows for a unit to be saved from likely utter destruction. Not used much.


This is a version of a optional rule in the original set.

Otherwise every attack is pressed to the bitter end.


Required for realism in a kriegsspiel, but not relevant for ordinary table-top games.


This reflects the realities of command.

Personal taste.

To allow historical use of barrages to break an opponent's line. Not used much.


The above are largely personal taste, but came about from what I felt were unrealistic results during games – particularly cavalry and armoured cars riding up to units and then blasting them to pieces.

This is to increase the effect of a "retire" result somewhat, so that lots of low level shooting has an effect.

Stops artillery just blasting away all day, which in a war of supply difficulties never happened, and makes a huge difference to the games.

Used infrequently, since with the restriction of ammunition it is important to make every shot effective. But they had spotters, and knew how to use them. Is important for armoured trains used as artillery platforms.



Wrong war. Commissars were not yet that powerful.