Board Games for the Pygmy Wars

I don't really get into boardgames much but, in the interest of completeness, here is a list. Many are quite old.

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Tsaritsyn 1919

English or French versions available. 20 pages booklet (rules and historical article), a player aid and 306 full-colour counters. The map is 42*60 cm (about 16*24 inches).The counters have to be cut and mounted (high quality Desk Top Game).

Scale : regiments or brigades. 1 hex = 4 km. 1 turn = 1 day.

To know more about price and orders, go here.

Rossiya 1917

I did buy Azure Wish's Rossiya 1917 (1996, F-S. Thomas). It's apparently the most detailed game covering the whole RCW and playing it gives one a good idea why the participants selected the strategies that they did. Not a quick game by any means, and you will want to hunt down the errata. Originally in French, but available in English.


GMT's Reds! (2002, Ted Racier) is another grand scale strategic game, though not as complicated.

Russian Civil War

SPI's game (1976, J. Dunnigan) is much older, but appears frequently on eBay.

Rise of the Red Army

From the Guild of Blades (W. Sariego). (This may have been in S&T #211.)

A review at Grognards.

Tank Action 1919

White Steel, Red Blood

200 miles from Moscow

Operation Elope

These games are all by Perry Moore: if his track record is anything to go by they will be a decent games but the underlying research will be doubtful. He certainly is inclined to add spurious armour and aviation to spice up his games.

The first two relate to armour entirely. The third (300 versts from Moskva, surely?) is on the Battle of Orel and looks mighty dodgy. Operation Elope was the northern intervention around Murmansk and Arkhangel, and that game appears in S&T #211.

White Eagle Eastward

Decision Games in S&T 156 (1992, T. Kane and C. Cummins) covers the Soviet-Polish war.

Red Star / White Eagle

GDW (1979, D. Williams) is again on the Soviet-Polish war.

Year 1920: Polish Soviet War

Intriguing looking (1997, Y. Fils).


Published this 1977 (J. Bumpas), but printed very few copies, so you will be lucky to find one. It focuses on the Ukraine.

A review at BoardGameGeek


Published in Panzershreck 13 is a small game of the White attack on Tsaritsyn.

Freikorps: Bolsheviks Attack Germany

Based on the premise that the Poles lost at Warsaw and the Soviets pressed on for Berlin. Apparently good enough to be reprinted as "Counter Strike #4" and readily available.

Triumph of Chaos

As much a card game as a boardgame it seems. Not sure if still being sold.

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