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Don Engineers

The Don had an engineer sotnia attached to most divisions, some foot and some mounted.

Horse Sapper Sotnia of the 1st Don Horse Division

Lieutenant: dress uniform Lieutenant: field uniform Sapper: dress uniform Sapper: field uniform

Engineers wore a uniform rather like the artillery, although traditionally the trousers were black.

Knotel shows piped furazkhas even in service dress and cuff and collar piping on officers, though this does seem rather unlikely.

Foot sappers carried rifles, and mounted ones sabres.

Uniform Details

Shoulderboard: Sergeant Shoulderboard: Sergeant Greatcoat collar tabs

Markings were more or less like artillery, except the crossed tools badge was used instead of crossed cannons. There were other badges for some more specialised engineer troops – pontooniers, telegraph units, etc.

The metal was gold for all markings.

Most sappers had brown markings on the khaki shoulderboards, but we have assumed that the Cossack dark blue takes precedence, just as it does for artillery.