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Annenkov Partisan Artillery Divizion

Annenkov was able to recruit gunners and guns from quite early, presumably from Cossacks. By July 1918 he was already fielding two full batteries of eight guns.

1st Cossack Battery

Some schemes for the artillery in the Partisan Division can be seen at and a brief discussion at However I wonder about some of the details, as Cossack artillery dressed as ordinary artillery in most respects, rather than as Cossacks:

To the right is a scheme for a Partisan Division Artillery officer in full dress uniform which differs in a few details from that shown at bergenshild:

All foot batteries would have worn the same basic uniform and the red has nothing to do with the fact that it is a Siberian Cossack unit – only that it is artillery. So any Orenburg batteries in the Partisan Division would also have red facings and look basically identical.

Field uniform was plain khaki gimnastërka and trousers, with shoulderboards khaki with the cipher stenciled in dark blue.

1st Horse Battery

By the end of 1919 the Partisan Division fielded two full horse batteries.

The uniform for horse batteries was identical to foot ones, except: