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Amur Cossack Uniforms

The vast majority of the Amur Host were cavalry, as they were positioned to guard the long border with China.

1st Amur Cossack Regiment

Officer, full dress Sergeant, parade uniform Private in British field uniform

The main colour of the Amur Host was yellow, but in order to distinguish it from others of that colour it had a second colour of green.

Uniform Details

Shoulderboard: Sotnik (Lieutenant) Shoulderboards: Sergeant Shoulderboards: Sergeant-Major Greatcoat tabs

The shoulderboards were green piped in yellow, with red markings. Khaki ones had the cipher in dark blue. Officer buttons and lace were silver, with rank markings and cipher in gold.

The cipher was a number plus an "A" when required, such as on the khaki side of the shoulderboards.

The Amur Cossacks wore fur hats of the same types as other Cossacks, but there was a particular style associated with them. Shown on the left, it had a crown raised considerably above a broad fur rim. Officers would add a cross in white/silver.


The WWI battle flags were yellow with a diagonal green cross, and the unit number:

The sotnias would have been marked by banners of green with a yellow band on top, with sotnia colours underneath:

Other Troops

The few Amur Cossack plastoons would have dressed more or less the same, but with gold for all metal, and black crosses on the officer papakhas.

Artillery probably dressed in a uniform based on Tsarist artillery uniforms.

Other Comments

WWI Amur Cossacks: Note the shaggy ponies. These were much more suited to local conditions than pure bred western horse breeds.