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Photos of Caucasian Moutaineers

Reliably identifying one tribe from another is quite difficult, since the uniforms are basically identical in black and white. We have generally had to rely on the attributions given in the source, which is not always reliable.

Savage Division Chechens

Savage Division Kabardians

A photo of Kabardians at a training depot in 1919. Note the flag, which appears to have a star and crescent symbol, and the pale bashlyks on some of the men.

Karachay. The NCO in the background has a fancy piped beshmet, and it has the look of a parade or colour party.

More Karachay, this time probably senior political figures.



Ossetian in field dress.

Savage division in WWI. Note the pale bashlyks, being worn by the nearest man and rolled up behind them for some others.

Wild Division soldiers in WWI.