Incomplete and inaccurate list of actions during the War of Reform

This list is a barebones list of the actions I have found reference to in my research. I wrote it to see if Mexican versus Mexican engagements during this time were common: which they clearly were.


20 April Acapulco Santa Anna fails in his attack. Anales
13 July Guayamas US/French filibusters attack but are driven off. Anales
24 November Morelia A Liberal attack fails. Anales


28 May Tizayuca Won by General Tavera over Degollado. Anales
22 July Zapotlan Falls to General Comonfort. Anales


8 March Ocotlan Comonfort (6,000, largely National Guard, some regulars) beats a Conservative rebellion (4,000 regulars). Anales, Long Marches
25 October Puebla Siege begins. The town capitulates on 3 December. Anales
12 December Coscomatepec A victory for Ignacio de la Llave. Anales


26 January Tunasblancas Won by General Parrodi. Anales
7 February Cerro de la Magdalena Won by Parrodi. Anales
6 April Caborca Mexican presidiales crush 104 US filibusters under Crabb. Anales
May near Tixtla 200 men under Colonel Navarro defeat indians under Juan Antonio. Anales
2 November Queretaro The city falls to Mejia. He is then ousted by Doblado (without combat?). Anales


10 March Salamanca General Osollo, commanding 4,700 men (mostly Regulars, with some National Guard)with 40 guns, decisively defeats General Parrodi, who has 7,000 men (mostly irregulars or recently drafted) and 30 guns. Internet Anales
17 April Puerto de Carretas General Miramon defeats General Zuazua. Anales
27 April Zacatecas The city falls to General Zuazua. Anales
14 May Tampico City falls to Mejia. Anales
30 June San Luis Potosi City falls to Zuazua. Anales
June Guadalajara Santos Degollado's Liberal army invests the city. Roeder
2 July Barranca de Atenquitue Degollado, having been forced to raise the siege by Miramon, is caught at the bottom of an immense ravine. An 8 hour battle ends with both sides withdrawing. Roeder
25 August Tampico City falls to Colonel Carvajal. Anales
21 September Cuevitas Degollado defeats Casanova. Anales
26 September Guadalajara Degollado starts to besiege the city. Anales
29 September Alhualulco Miramon (leader of the Conservative party) defeats the Liberals under Santiago Vidaurri. One of the largest battles: losses are heavy. Roeder Anales
27 October la Noria General Morales (Liberal) defeats General Artega. Anales
27 October Guadalajara Degollado storms the city, which is mined in two places, in the dark. The Conservatives hold out in the convent of San Francisco, but capitulate the next day. Degollado is later forced out by converging Conservative forces. Roeder Anales
14 December San Miguel (aka Poncitlán) Action near Guadalajara, is won by Miramon. Internet Anales
27 December San Joaquin Miramón decisively defeats Degollado. Roeder Anales


3 April Mazatlan Falls to the Liberals. Anales
10-11 April Tacubaya While Miramon beseiges the Liberal stronghold of Vera Cruz, Degollado hastily raises an army and attacks the capital. Unable to force his way in, he resorts to feints and demonstrations. While doing this he is attacked by Marquez, marching in haste from Guadalajara, and decisively defeated over a two day battle. Roeder Anales
14 April Colima Falls to Pedro Ogazon. Anales
5 November Tepic The town falls to the bandit Lozada. Anales
13 November Estancia de las Vacas A major victory for Miramon over Degollado. Anales
24 December Tonila Miramon defeats the Liberals under General Rocha. Anales
much of the year Vera Cruz Miramon is frustrated in two separate attempts to besiege the town. His lack of naval power (and foreign intervention when he does try a naval blockade) means he cannot starve the town out. Roeder


27 January Teul Falls to Antonia Rojas, who immediately shoots 160 of the prisoners. Anales
15 March Salinas General Ramirez defeats Ortega. Anales
16 March la Coronilla General Valle defeats General Valdez. Anales
24 April Loma Alta General Lopez Uraga defeats de la Vega. Anales
1 May Oaxaca General Landa raises the siege of the city, which has lasted 3.5 months. Anales
10 May near Tepic Antonio Rojas defeats General Calatayud, and shoots 22 officers from his many prisoners. Anales
24 May Guadalajara Uraga attacks the city, defended by Governor Woll, is badly injured and captured. His army falls back to Jalisco. Anales
May Sinaloa area? Colonel Vega defeats the Conservatives. Arms
8 June Ciudad Guzman Miramon leaves Guadalajara with 6,000 men to attack Zaragoza, fortified on the hill of Ciudad Guzman, but recoils from such a difficult position and returns to the city two weeks later. Anales
15 June Peñuelas Gonzalez Ortega defeats the Liberals. Roeder Anales
9 August Tepeji de la Seda General Cobos is routed by the Liberals, who then go on to occupy Oaxaca. Anales
10 August Silao Ortega defeats Miramon (probably one of the larger battles). Roeder Anales
25 October Malakoff Tower The besiegers of Guadalajara build a large artillery platform. The defenders number 7,000, the attackers 20,000. Anales
1 November Zapotlanejo Zaragoza routs Marquez completely, the Liberals losing 800 prisoners. Anales
3 November Guadalajara Many of the troops in the city break out towards Tepic. The city falls soon afterwards. Annales Roeder
9 December Toluca Miramon sallies from Mexico City and defeats an advanced detachment of the Liberal army. Roeder Anales
22 December Calpulalpan The Liberals win the decisive victory of the war. They have 11,000 men and 14 guns under General Ortega. For the Conservatives General Miramón has 8,000 men and 30 guns. The major cities now all fall to them. Internet Anales


7 March Sierra de Alica Start of the first campaign to clear this area. Anales
mid-March las Guayabitas Doblado defeats Mejia. Anales
16 March Aguacapan Action in the Sierra de Alica campaign. Anales
17 March Cadereita General Alatorre (Liberal) defeats Colonel Taboada. Anales
13 June Sierra de Alica Start of the second campaign to clear this area. Anales
15 June Llano de Salazar Colonel Buitron defeats, and kills, Degollado. Anales
23 June Monte de las Cruces General Marquez defeats Valle, who is captured and shot. Anales
29 July Salitre Carlos Rivas completely routs Rojas. Anales
14 August Jalatlaco Ortega defeats Marquez. Anales
7 September Calpulalpan Colonel Carvajal defeats Cobos, who is taken prisoner and shot. Anales
20 October Pachuca to Real del Monte The Liberals under Tapia defeat the 3,000 men of Marquez. Anales
30 November San Cayetano Ogazon defeats the bandit Lozada with an army including the battalions of Rifleros, Morelos, Hidalgo, Degollado and Pueblos Unidos. Anales
25 December Barranca del Muerto Ramon Corona defeats Lozada. Anales
27 December Aguacapan Rojas defeats Lozada. Anales