Discussion Groups and Forums

When you have a question or just to plunder the archives:

Yahoo RussianCivilWar

A non-political discussion group dedicated to the Russian Civil War and related conflicts. Currently inactive, but a treasure trove of material hides in the old posts.

Axis History Forum

A non-political discussion group with sections on the Freikorps and the "Interwar" period. The Russian Civil War is also often discussed in the Soviet Union at War 1917-1945.

Lead Adventure Forum

A non-political wargames forum. Most members here are into the "Back of Beyond", rather than the main theatres. Some really helpful Russian posters can provide excellent information.

The Miniatures Page

A non-political wargames forum, with a dedicated RCW page. Especially good for seeing what others are doing.


Russian Topographic Maps

Russian topographical maps of central Russia from before WWII. This sort of map allows you to see the terrain exactly, and you can always take away the obviously modern stuff (Russian villages didn't grow much between the wars

Berkeley University : used to have the same sort of topographical maps of the Ukraine and the Russian Caucus, on-line, but no longer do. Just as well I downloaded them all   send me a mail if you want a particular map.)

3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary

Pre-WWI topographical maps of most of central Europe, extending well into Russia and Ukraine.

Geonames index

Helps one find those hard to locate little villages, particularly since it has the historical names as well as the modern ones (just be careful to remember that countries have changed borders a lot since 1920).


Perfect Captain and Perfect Captain's Yahoo Group

Fabulous rules with great graphics. The Captain's group no longer actively support them, having moved on to other things, but there are still people on the group who can help.

Kriegsspiel News

Wargaming the Kriegspiel way.

Peter Pig

Where I get nearly all my figures (15mm).

The Great Adventure

Gaming the period using 20mm plastic and Great War Spearhead rules.

Flags and Uniforms


(In Russian): check out the pages relating to the White Movement, Red Army symbolism and Gosobrazovany.


Immense coverage of the uniforms of the White armies in Siberia.


Produkin-Gorskii collection

Amazing period photos, searchable by theme or location. Great for pictures of houses and villages.

Sergei Volkov's Encylopedia of the Civil War: the White Movement

Included here is the best reference for unit histories and commanders for the White armies, in searchable form. There is other material at this site too.


The front of the site is devoted to a couple of re-enactment groups. Behind is a wealth of material relating to the White armies in the east, including material on KOMUCH and lesser known units.

Encyclopedia of Ukraine