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The following books by Tom Hillman stress information over glossy production values, but give information not available elsewhere unless you read Russian.

Armored Automobiles of the Russian Civil War

This is everything you need to know about armoured cars in the RCW (and Polish-Soviet war): including organisation, doctrine and orders of battle. For pretty pictures, see the Osprey books on RCW Armour, but for detailed information this is the only real source.

Table of Contents

Trans-Dnepr Operation: General Baron Wrangel’s Last Operation in the RCW

A hugely detailed look at a very interesting operation which included opposed river crossings, tanks assaulting a fortified city and mass cavalry battles. Unlike so many books about military operations it gives both sides of the story. 

Table of Content

Kornilovski Shock Regiment

The translation from Russian of a complete history of the most famous regiment of the RCW, from its founding to the evacuation from the Crimea. On the way it deals with a few myths about the Kornilovskis. 

Table of Contents

How Odessa became Red

This is the book I wrote with Tom Hillman and Alexis Mehtidis on the French Intervention in the Ukraine in early 1919.

 Table of Contents


The Military History Bookshop carries paper copies.

Tom used to sell directly, and I sell the Odessa book in pdf form. Email me at pygmywars[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to explore these options.
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