Battle of Cesis Scenario

This scenario is part of the wider battle of Cēsis (Võnnu in Estonian, Wenden in German). Details of the historical battle can be found at the section of the site devoted to Latvia 1919

This is the right wing of that battle, where Reich German Freikorps (masquerading as Baltic Landeswehr) attacked the Estonian defenders.

This scenario is very much a "hide and seek" exercise. The Estonian defender is out-numbered quite badly, but is very hard for the German to locate.


Umpire's notes
Estonian player's briefing
Freikorps player's briefing
Full map
Map without names on

Troop values

I used my amended Red Actions! values for the Freikorps (in the wargames section of the site).

As usual I did not tell the players what deviations from this I made for their own troops, let alone the enemy. In fact I made none.

Table-top version

I'm not sure that this scenario converts particularly easily to a table-top game (or at least, to a half-way balanced one). However, since these are basically historical forces in historical terrain, it does at least give an idea of the actual nature of the fighting at Cēsis – very small forces in quite broken terrain.


This is the full transcript of the game (in pdf format) colour coded so that you can either follow it for both parties, or just follow one side to see what it was like from that point of view only.