This scenario represents the attack from Modlin on Nasielsk that was supposed to occur at the same time as the Siberian Regiment attacked out of Borkowo. Although historically it did not occur until later that night – which doomed it to failure because the Soviets could concentrate all their forces against it – it can be played as "what if the Poles had been a bit more organised".

The attack on Nasielsk was meant to be by the Luczynski group, but this was nowhere near ready in time. It was replaced by the 18th Infantry Brigade, at that time in Modlin merging with the 17th Infantry Brigade into the 9th Infantry Regiment.

The 18th IB was probably about 1,500 men and 50 MGs strong. A couple of batteries were probably available but they had little or no integral cavalry. Steve added the Suwalki Regiment (also to be formed into the 9th ID) as a late arriving reinforcement. In the interests of a good game he sent the Poles off staggered, starting from the south, but "lent" them a uhlan unit from the cavalry in the Modlin area (201st Uhlans, a Volunteer unit) to act as scouts.

The Soviets are represented by that part of the 11th Rifle Division not heading towards Borkowo or in reserve in Nasielsk. Thus their order of battle can effectively be assumed to be identical to that of the Borkowo scenario, except renamed the 32nd Rifle Brigade. They are told to defend Nasielsk from the south, and are fed interesting tidbits about the battle on the road to Borkowo to keep them edgy.

A slightly different umpire's map is required, extending out to the east a bit a bit. The players can have the same starting map as the Borkowo scenario:

Topographic map (see the Borkowo scenario umpire notes for an explanation of the symbols)
Players' map

If playing a standard table-top, non-Kriegsspiel, game the defended area can be anywhere selected before the game by the Soviet player. The Soviets start in place and the Poles arrive in a previously specified order. (Steve found that both times he ran the scenario as a Kriegsspiel that the fighting settled in the Nowo Wies area.)

Most of this area is dead flat, but requires quite a lot of buildings, trees and swamp terrain on the part of the umpire.