The landscapes and buildings of the Pygmy Wars, especially as they relate to wargaming them.


Note that most of these pages are extremely picture heavy, and so quite large files.

My big day out at Komarów

A trip to the site of the famous battlefield, with lots of pictures.

The Polish countryside

Other photos of the landscape in the area the 1920 Russo-Polish War was fought.

Polish Buildings of the 1920 period

Photos and notes of buildings in the area the 1920 Russo-Polish War was fought.

Terrain for the 1920 war

Just some thoughts about what I saw and how I might recreate it on a table.

Where we went and what we saw

Between 6 and 22 August 2006 we – Alison, the kids and me – visited Prague, eastern Poland and Berlin. This is the full version, but with all the wargaming and military history bits mostly left out.

The Baltic

Latvian Terrain

In the section on the Freikorps is my research into Latvia as it was in 1920.

The area is also covered in Gregory and Shave (below)


Gregory and Shave Excerpts

This is a pdf of an old geography book on the USSR. I have taken out only the bits that relate directly to the campaigns in the Baltic, the Ukraine, South Russia and the west Siberian areas of the Czechs, KOMUCH and the Kolchak campaigns before the great retreat.