Russian Army

20 July 1920

From Gen P.A. Kousonsky's (Kusonskii) papers in the Hoover Archives. Kindly supplied by Nick Peres.

Note that the army was in a great period of flux at this time, and was reorganised before the next major campaign.

I Army Corps

Kornilov Shock Division

1st Kornilov Shock (Infantry) Regiment
2nd Kornilov Shock (Infantry) Regiment
3rd Kornilov Shock (Infantry) Regiment

Artillery Brigade – 4 field Divizions, 1 Howitzer Battery

Reserve Battalion

Markov Infantry Div

1st Markov Infantry Regiment
2nd Markov Infantry Regiment
3rd Markov Infantry Regiment

Artillery Brigade – 3 Divizions, 1 Howitzer Battery

Reserve Battalion

Drozdovski Rifle Division

1st Drozdovski Rifle Regiment
2nd Drozdovski Rifle Regiment
3rd Drozdovski Rifle Regiment

Artillery Brigade – 3 Divizions, 1 Howitzer Battery

Reserve Battalion

6th Infantry Division

1st Caucasian Rifle Regiment
83rd Samurski Regiment
3rd Smolensk Infantry Regiment
42nd Don Rifle Regiment

Separate General Alekseev Horse Divizion

6th Artillery Brigade –3 Divizions

Reserve Battalion

II Army Corps

13th Infantry Div

49th Brest Infantry Regiment
50th Bialystok Infantry Regiment
51st Lithuania Infantry Regiment
52nd Vilnius Infantry Regiment

13th Artillery Brigade – 4 Batterys

Reserve Battalion

34th Infantry Division

133rd Simferopol' Infantry Regiment
134th Feodosia Infantry Regiment
135th Kerch-Enikalski Infantry Regiment
136th Taganrog Infantry Regiment

34th Artillery Brigade – 4 Batterys

Reserve Battalion

2nd Independent Cavalry Brigade

8th Cavalry Regiment
1st Native [i.e. mountain] Cavalry Regiment
2nd Native Cavalry Regiment

5th Horse Artillery Divizion


German Colonist Detachment (battalion)

2nd Independent Heavy Artillery Divizion

Cavalry Corps

1st Cavalry Division

1st Brigade

Guard Regiment
1st Cavalry Regiment

2nd Brigade

2nd Cavalry Regiment
3rd Cavalry Regiment

1st Horse Artillery Divizion
3rd Horse Artillery Divizion

2nd Cavalry Division

1st Brigade

4th Cavalry Regiment
5th Cavalry Regiment

2nd Brigade

6th Cavalry Regiment
7th Cavalry Regiment

4th Horse Artillery Divizion

"Special" Mounted Group

The units of this group had just been rescued from the Kuban, and arrived with almost no equipment or horses.

1st Kuban Division

Partisan Regiment
Uman Cossack Regiment
Kornilov Cavalry Regiment
Zaporozhia Regiment

2nd Horse Artillery Divizion

Reserve Regiment

2nd Kuban Division

Volga Cossack Regiment
Volga Rifle Regiment
Caucasian Cavalry Regiment
Kuban Guard Divizion
Don Regiment

Kuban Horse Artillery Divizion

1st Terek-Astrakhan Brigade

1 Terek Cossack Regiment
1 Astrakhan Cossack Regiment
2 Astrakhan Cossack Regiment

Terek-Astrakhan Horse Artillery Divizion

Reserve Divizion

Combined Division

1 Alekseev Partisan (Infantry) Regiment
Kuban Military School Detachment
Kornilov Junker Brigade
Kuban Rifle Regiment

Alekseev Arty Divizion

Don Corps

1st Don Division

1st Brigade

Life Guard Regiment
Ataman Regiment

2nd Brigade

Plastoon Regiment
Don Rifle Regiment

Artillery Divizion

2nd Don Division

1st Brigade

3rd Don Cavalry Regiment
4th Don Cavalry Regiment

2nd Brigade

5th Don Cavalry Regiment
6th Don Cavalry Regiment
Kalmyk Cavalry Regiment

Artillery Divizion

3rd Don Division

1st Brigade

7th Don Infantry Regiment
10th Don Infantry Regiment
St George (Infantry) Regiment

2nd Brigade

18th Don Infantry Regiment
8th Don Infantry Regiment

1st Don Light Artillery Divizion

Other Units

Don Independent Cavalry Brigade

1 Don Cavalry Regiment
2 Don Cavalry Regiment

3 Don Artillery Divizion


Officer Reserve Regiment

Reserve Cavalry Regiment

Don Reserve Artillery Divizion
1st Positional Artillery Brigade (25 guns)
2nd Positional Artillery Brigade (25 guns)


26 tanks

30 armoured cars

12 trains

General Alekseev
Unified Russia
General Pobedonostsev
Dmitrii Donskoi
Trotskii (?)
Ivan Kalita
General Drozdovski


Infantry divisions averaged 2,500 to 3,000 rifles, 100 to 160 machine guns and 16 to 20 guns.

Cavalry divisions averaged about 3,000, with half mounted and half on foot, with 150 MG and 15 guns.

The Don divisions had about 4,000 each, being 2,500 sabres and 1,500 rifles.