Southern Group

in April and May 1919

This orbat is from Volkov's Encyclopedia and Klaving.

This is effectively the units of Kolchak's Siberian forces that were operating in conjunction with the Orenburg Host.

This combines with the Western Army and the Independent Siberian Army, to form Kolchak's forces.

Southern Group

Group Commander – Maj-Gen Belov
Chief of Staff – Col Tonkikh

4th Orenburg Corps

Corps Commander – Maj-Gen Bakich
Chief of Staff – Lt-Col Smolnin-Tervand

Formed December 1918 from the Buzuluk Group and the Orenburg Plastoon Division. In February the bulk of the Bashkir Corps deserted to the Reds.

2nd Syzran Rifle Division

Division Commander – Maj-Gen Bakich
Chief of Staff – Capt Finitskiy

At the end of April there were 153 officers, 1,663 bayonets and sabres, 35 MGs and 5 guns.

5th Syzran Rifle Regiment –
6th Syzran Rifle Regiment –
7th Khvalinsk Rifle Regiment –
8th Volga Rifle Regiment –

2nd Syzran Cavalry Regiment –

2nd Rifle Artillery Divizion

5th Orenburg Rifle Division

Commander – Col Neyzel
Chief of Staff – Col Shaposhnikov, then from mid-May Capt Kolesnikov

At the end of April there were 156 officers, 827 bayonets and 14 MGs.

18th Orenburg Rifle Regiment –
19th Orenburg Rifle Regiment –
20th Orenburg Rifle Regiment –
21th Orenburg Rifle Regiment –

1st Separate Orenburg Cossack Detachment

Detachment Commander –
Chief of Staff –

The units listed are speculation, based on previous arrangements.

At the end of April there were 44 officers, 1,153 sabres and bayonets, 15 MGs and 3 guns.

9th Orenburg Cossack Regiment –
23rd Orenburg Cossack Regiment –
Militia Horse Sotnia –

3rd Battery of the 5th Rifle Artillery Brigade – 37 mm guns

Composite Cossack Brigade

Brigade Commander –
Chief of Staff –

At the end of April there were 27 officers, 749 sabres and bayonets and 11 MGs.

The units listed are speculation, based on previous arrangements.

Tatishchevo Plastoon Divizion
Sakmarskiy Horse Divizion

Composite Sterlitamak Army Corps

Corps Commander – Maj-Gen Bobrik then from mid-May Maj-Gen Tsereteli
Chief of Staff – Lt-Col Molotov

Formed in February 1919 from various miscellaneous units of the Orenburg Army, to which in March were attached the two regular infantry divisions.

9th Sterlitamak Rifle Division

Division Commander –
Chief of Staff –

In late April it had been the Composite Orenburg Division. It seems to have been built around the 3rd Plastoon Regiment and Sterlitamak garrison.

At the end of April it had 128 officers, 5,502 bayonets and sabres, 30 MGs and 2 guns.

33rd Rifle Regiment –
34th Rifle Regiment –
35th Rifle Regiment –
36th Rifle Regiment –

22nd Orenburg Cossack Regiment –

9th Sterlitamak Artillery Battery or Divizion

10th Verkhneuralsk Mountain Rifle Division

Division Commander – Col Kononov
Chief of Staff – Capt Afanas'ev

Formed in February 1919 from regiments sent from the 3rd and 6th Urals Corps, and until May was known as the Composite Urals Division.

At the end of April it had 96 officers, 2,827 bayonets and sabres, 30 MGs and 6 guns.

37th Miass Mountain Rifle Regiment – (ex-23rd Miass)
38th Satka Mountain Rifle Regiment – (ex-24th Satka)
39th Mountain Rifle Regiment –
40th Mountain Rifle Regiment –

29th Orenburg Cossack Regiment

10th Mountain Rifle Artillery Divizion

Southern Group Assets

9th Bashkir Division

Remains of this division after the bulk of it had crossed to the Reds in February.

37th Bashkir Rifle Regiment
38th Bashkir Rifle Regiment
39th Bashkir Rifle Regiment
40th Bashkir Rifle Regiment

Other Units

Hetman Sahaydachny Rifle Regiment – (also shown as with the Independent Western Army)