Estonian for the Maps

Elementary Estonian to help reading the maps.

In the maps the colours indicate nationality:

Blue = Estonians
Green = Latvians
Yellow = Freikorps

Regiments – polk for Estonians, rüg. for Freikorps – are noted with Arabic numerals.

Battalions – pat – with Roman numerals

Companies – rood – with Arabic numerals

Alates = always (hence "all day" in this sense)

Asetus = positions

Balti Landesveer = Baltic Landeswehr

Enne pealetungi = before the attack

ja = and

Pärast pealetungi = after the attack

Pataljon = Battalion

Polk = regiment (Estonian)

Rood = company

Ruaddiviis = Iron Division

Rügement = regiment (German)

Soomusauto, S-auto = armoured car

Soomusrong, S-rong = armoured train

Lemsalu = Limbazi

Riia = Riga

Roopa = Straupe

Volmari = Valmeira

Võnnu = Cesis (and hence the 2. Võnnu polk is the 2nd Cesis Regiment)