Figures used for the Reds

All codes relate to Peter Pig packs. I frequently used different horses to add variety.

57th Rifle Division

For my main infantry unit I went for even more variety than with the Whites. The PP Red Army packs all have the peaked "Budenovka" which only appeared very late in the war, but I just couldn't be fussed about that and it helps make them look different from the opposition:

16–41 Russian gun crew
16–47 Russian 76mm Putilov field gun
16–51 Red guard
16–53 Red guard HMGs
16–52 Cheka
16–58 Infantry in greatcoat
16–69 Red Army infantry
16–70 Red Army gun crew
16–71 Red Army HMGs
16–95 Russian Red Army infantry in greatcoats
16–96 Russian infantry in greatcoat and furry hat [stationary poses]
16–45 Russian higher command
16–49 Russian HMGs

Elite infantry

For my elite ChON/Kursanty regiment (i.e. dedicated Communists) I went for only those figures in Budenovka, and gave them only khaki clothes to give them a uniform look, although some wear greatcoats and some don't:

16–52 Cheka
16–69 Red Army infantry
16–70 Red Army gun crew
16–71 Red Army HMGs
16–95 Russian Red Army infantry in greatcoats

I painted a small unit of "Cheka" too, although I am aware that such units pretty much never appeared near the front lines (they were more by way of MPs). I can't bring myself to use them as "blocking" troops, which were extremely uncommon.

Naval Infantry

For the Naval Infantry regiment I used:

16–32 British naval infantry [firing poses]
16–51 Red guard (only the two poses in cap)
16–55 Naval infantry [firing poses]
16–56 Navy gun crew
16–57 Naval HMGs

One of the Red Guard figures is wearing a blazer like the navy wore and another has baggy trousers and a cap so they mix in well enough. The extra variety is useful because the Russian naval infantry pack comes with a figure throwing a grenade that is so distinctive that more than one per unit looks weird and that greatly reduces the ability to mix poses. The British figures are fine uniform-wise, but don't have bayonets so I don't like to mix in too many.

The MG pack comes with the loader and observer prone, which is also a pain, but this time because they are hard to fit onto the bases.

Red Guard

I use my Estonian Nationalist units to represent the Red Guards/very early Red Army. Some time I should get round to painting separate command elements.

14th Separate Cavalry Brigade

The range for standard Red Cavalry is very good:

16–42 Russian cavalry command
16–43 Russian cavalry with carbine
16–72 Tachanka with 4 crew in peaked hats
16–84 Red cavalry with sabre
16–85 Red cavalry command
16–86 Red cavalry with carbine

All the Red cavalry come in greatcoats and Budenovka, which provides nice variety with the standard WWI packs. Unfortunately the Red cavalry command comes with an officer and standard bearer, which resulted in me having rather too many standard bearers, but with head changes these were distributed to other (non-Red units) as lancers.

Kuban Cossack Regiment

I also painted a unit of Red Kuban Cossacks, using the same figures as for the White Terek unit, namely:

16–74 Tachanka with 4 crew in cossack dress
16–84 Red cavalry with sabre
16–85 Red cavalry command
8–179 Cossack command
8–180 Cossack sabre
8–181 Cossack carbine
Minifigs Caucasian Cossacks

This unit was painted with lots of khaki, rather than the black/dark grey of the White equivalents.

Artillery and vehicles

16–131 Russian 4 horse limber
16–73 Officers carriage

The Soviets also get armoured cars, but no tanks.

Other units

Mixed in with the units, there were command elements, engineer companies and damage markers:

16–45 Russian higher command
16–46 Russian dead
16–50 Russian infantry/engineers
16–129 RCW standard bearers